Hack your vacuum. Are we safe on IoT Things?

IoT devices are filling our houses these last days, so many Christmas gifts that can help us in our daily tasks, like remotely watching your baby or your pets, turning on the air conditioning or keeping the house floor clean but… are we safe to use these devices on our home network? Can someone hack my vacuum? Let’s take a look at a very common device: Cecotec Conga 3090. It… Leer más »Hack your vacuum. Are we safe on IoT Things?

Hello World!

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Let’s start from the very beginning. There is always a reason behind any journey. So the first question that I’d like to address is why I start this blog. The reason why I started blogging is simple. It’s because I need a place to record my learning and it needs to be somewhere that I could access from anywhere that was not tied to a physical device or location. So… Leer más »Hello World!