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Coding awesome things


about me.

I started with a computer when I was just 5 years old, with a Pentium, 64Mb of RAM and 4Gb of HDD.

After years of MS-DOS games, handling some Windows 95/98 and XP installations, I decided to start on the computer world in a professional way with a Vocational Education and Training (VET) in Microcomputer systems and networks.

A year later, I didn’t find it enough, so I started a Certificate of Higher Education (HNC) in Cross-Platform Application Development, expanding my knowledge to the DevOps area

I currently work professionally in software development, but I keep my DevOps and computer security intrigues as a hobby, building IOT devices at home, or testing my security knowledge at HackTheBox



Understanding requirements and providing quality works.

Since childhood my passion has been to create technological products that were useful and that solved problems in a simple way.

UX Design

Nowadays we check everything from our smartphones, so I always try to deliver sweet interfaces to end-user

Managing time

Using Scrum and Agile techniques to maximize the use of time and improve the final product

Made with love

Working on your passion makes all the jobs you deliver carry a little of your heart



A little preview on things that I've worked on

Java standalone App which manages and fixes common errors in a well-known Spanish ISP Provision system


Java standalone App which helps football coaches mark the moves and improve their strategies

Mule ESB to Jira OAuth

Mule Custom Module following the OAuth flow, enabling secure communication between the Bus and Jira Service Desk



Take a look on things I consider interesting
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